Mission Statement

Rehab Craft Cambodia is a fair trade NGO run by and for Cambodians with disabilities that provides support and creates job opportunities by producing quality handicrafts and marketing our products along with products from rural artisans.


Vision Statement

RCC strives to see Cambodians with disabilities and marginalized people improve their standard of living and be recognized as valuable, contributing members of society.


Aims Of RCC

Trade Development Building trade activities to a financially viable level, and a volume which provides for the full employment of RCC's existing membership.
Internal Training
and Skills Transfer
Localizing all management functions and building all required skills or skills networks for RCC to be sustainable without foreign advisors.
Organizational Development Establishing suitable structures and systems for RCC to operate with confidence in the future.
Constructive Partnerships
with Independent Producers
Delivering appropriate support to assist in the development of viable cottage industries which collaborate with RCC.


Rehab Craft Cambodia creates skilled employment for Cambodians with disabilities, by producing and marketing top-quality crafts. Each item is individually handmade  - useful products that open the doors of opportunity.